There are plenty of reasons why people decide to start their own video production companies. Some are budding entrepreneurs who want to tap into the potentially lucrative business of corporate video production. Others want to turn their hobby of shooting videos here and there into a full-time career. As for us at Hexa Productions we saw the huge potential in building a personal brand on social media and what it could do to someone’s career. So we decided to dedicate our studio to mainly focus on people who want to make a social media presence.

Whatever your reasons, once you decide to start your own video production company, you’re going to need some basic equipment to kick start your studio.

And, while you’ll find lots of content online that insists you should immediately get your hands on a high-end camera, a couple of new drones, and some studio space. We actually suggest starting small when it comes to cameras, gear, and equipment.

As for us at Hexa Productions the first thing we decided to buy were cameras and some peripherals alongside it. We believe that buying some of the main equipment before starting your business could help you practice and play around with the equipment to further discover the potential of the equipment you have around.


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