YouTube Shorts are vertical, short-form videos that you can create or watch on YouTube. You can enhance Shorts with features such as video segmenting, app-based recording, and musical overlays. Shorts must be 60 seconds or less and not disappear like Instagram Reels or Snapchats.

The launch of YouTube Shorts comes at a time when many social media platforms are making a drastic pivot towards video content — specifically short-form content.

Even in its most basic beta form, the Shorts feature saw solid performance in India. In March 2021, less than a year later, the Shorts beta was fully released in the U.S., quickly surpassing 6.5 billion daily views. By July 2021, Shorts officially be launched globally in over 100 countries.

Today, a few things have changed. Most notably, the time limit on Shorts has expanded to 60 seconds, and many creators take advantage of every second. In fact, more than 70% of Shorts are longer than 15 seconds.

As a marketer, seeing every social media platform pivot to short-form video may feel overwhelming. So much so, you may be asking yourself, “Are YouTube Shorts worth my time?” or, “Will it provides more opportunities than Instagram Reels or TikTok?”

Because YouTube Shorts is still in its infancy, it’s too early to measure its impact. That said, there are a few noteworthy factors that differentiate it from the pack:

  1. Shorts provide a funnel to your long-form content.
  2. Shorts do not expire.
  3. Short-form creators could see a bigger reach.
  4. Brands in most industries could leverage Shorts.
  5. YouTube Shorts could be less vulnerable than other viral platforms.

If you are lost and do not know where and how to start with your YouTube shorts channel, we at Hexa Productions offer a full service that could help you with kick-starting your YouTube shorts channel.

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